World Hosting Days 2015 USA – Everything You Need to Know

On May 19 – 20, the world’s leading Internet technology vendors gathered for World Hosting Days USA (WHD.usa). The event featured in-depth discussions about Web hosting and online trends through keynotes, panels, and networking opportunities. Attendees also enjoyed the beautiful scenery and amenities of Seven Springs Mountain Resort (not far from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). As always, 1&1 was on hand to contribute, collaborate and share insights into a variety of exciting growth areas.

Emily Parker, author of Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices from the Internet Underground, hosted the main stage throughout the event.

Keynote with Wikipedia founder and campaigner Jimmy Wales

The first day kicked off with a fascinating keynote interview from Wikipedia founder and campaigner Jimmy Wales. The audience learned how Wikipedia has grown and adapted to its responsibilities and opportunities. “Almost everything you can think of, the Wikipedia community has already written about.  We are part of a major change going on in society,” he commented.


Wales underlined how Internet content and online communities are being affected by politics more than ever before. Even in the most progressive democracies, “Lack of knowledge can be a problem with law makers.  We need to look for politicians that have a real knowledge of technology and the Internet,” he added. Looking toward the future, Wales suggests “Openness is more powerful than it used to be. If your business is more open with customers and partners, there will be more opportunity for collaboration.”

Hosting industry is key to ensuring that Internet infrastructure is not manipulated

A thoughtful and lively session on “Net Neutrality” was hosted by Tim Wu, Columbia Law School Professor and author of The Master Switch. Wu highlighted how the regulation of the technical openness and performance of the Internet came about and how far current laws protect the needs of the public. Understanding why the issue matters is key to gathering pace for equality and fairness in our Internet infrastructure.


As technologies progress and innovative start-ups challenge the norm, the issue will continue to need monitoring and further collaboration.

Wu believes that the hosting industry is key to ensuring that Internet infrastructure is not manipulated, “Meeting people is the key to being heard on the issue.  For those that care about Internet policy, you should never underestimate the power of good ideas”, he comments.

Open source in business IT doubled since 2010

Open source software development continues to provide a wealth of possibilities. Mikko Linnamäki, co-founder of Dovecot, discussed how the use of open source in business IT has doubled since 2010.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cloud computing remains the biggest talking point in the industry.

An interesting statistic provided by Kellie Green of ODIN underlined this – Research reveals that global revenue for SMB cloud services will rise to $158billion by 2018. Wilfried Beeck, CEO of ePages, also spoke about the huge potentials and value of cloud based services.

TLDs / Approach domains like any other business investment

Another area of discussion was the new top-level domain (TLD) marketplace. In a roundtable, the worth of a domain name was examined, taking into consideration the progress and the latest new TLDs launched. The advice from the panel: “SMBs should approach domains like any other business investment.”

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World Hosting Days continues to reveal significant new Internet technology trends and new solutions being developed. For more accounts of the event, check out #WHDusa on Twitter.

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