How to adjusting and expand the WordPress editor with TinyMCE

An optimized editor offers you just the functions you need for your posts, and helps you to focus on the most important things to work effectively.

With TinyMCE, you adjust the WordPress Editor to meet your requirements. You set up fast access to the functions you need most and remove the ones you never use.

TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for Web applications that shows your document in edit mode exactly the way it will look when it is displayed on terminal devices later.


Installing and adjusting Tiny MCE

In the main menu, select Plugins > TinyMCE Advanced > Install > Activate Now select Settings > TinyMCE to adjust your own editor.

The editor already includes the most important buttons, which you can move wherever you like, or remove entirely. You can use drag & drop to drag buttons with various options to the toolbar and put them in the order in which you need them most often.

Remember to save your changes!

Examples: Buttons with useful functions

Use the anchor button to link to certain parts of long texts so you can quickly access these parts of your post.

Create an anchor anywhere in your post. To link the anchor, mark any text or an image, select Insert Link and assign #anchorname as the link URL.


Using the Find and replace function, you can replace a word that is outdated or that you no longer want with a better one throughout your entire post in just one step.

Removing unnecessary buttons

You can use functions like Copy, Paste and Cut by right-clicking on your computer or touchpad, or with the keyboard shortcuts. This means that you can remove these functions from your editor to have a better overview.

Advanced Options

In the Advanced Options, you can make more settings for editor designs, font sizes, inserting image sources and much more.

If multiple authors work on your website, you can assign editor tasks with different functions to different author types under Administration.


In the new version 4.3, TinyMCE offers several interesting and useful new features such as embedding images or videos from the Internet. All you have to do is click the image or video button and paste in the URL of the appropriate image or video.

You can now use captions to give your images titles or descriptions that will appear right below them.


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