Managing content-teams and presenting them on your WordPress website

Websites with large content teams need additional functions that can be used to conveniently adjust and manage author rights and how the authors are presented. In such cases, WordPress’s range of functions is not sufficient.
Specialized plugins allow you to set modified author rights and access rights and to optimize the admin section, the editor and the available functions according to the author’s role (or restrict them if needed).
We have compiled a list of the best free plugins for managing author rights and presenting author profiles.

Assigning Posts to Multiple Authors

Co-Authors Plus

Co-Authors Plus allows you to assign multiple authors to a text. Especially for longer texts that must be published within a short time, multiple authors often need to work together. Once you have installed the plugin, a window appears beneath each text box, where you can specify all the assigned authors.


Managing and Adjusting Author Rights

User Role Editor

The easy-to-use User Role Editor plugin lets you make detailed adjustments to the rights for individual user roles.
You can grant or deny a total of 62 different rights in various categories, such as pages, media, plugins or posts. For example, these rights may allow users to delete images, posts or comments or to install new plugins.


You can also define author rights with the Members plugin, which organizes the rights into various thematic categories. You can create as many user roles as you wish and then define the rights for each user role. You can also assign two or more roles to a user.

Role Scoper

Role Scoper lets you define role restrictions and assignments. You can make different sections of the website available to your users and deny them access to specified pages. Roles can be assigned in both the front and back ends.

Role Scoper eng

Presenting Authors

User Photos

The plugin User Photos lets you assign photos to your authors. These photos will appear next to the authors’ names with their comments. This is a good alternative if you do not wish to rely on a service like Gravatar.

User Photo Englisch

Latest Posts by Author with Content

Latest Posts by Author with Content lets you add a list of an author’s most recent posts to all posts by that author. You can define how many posts are displayed by entering a code under the posts:
[latestbyauthor author=”username” show=”3″ excerpt=”true”]
• Author=”username”: user’s login name (separate multiple authors with commas: author=”username1, username2″)
• show=”x”: x determines the number of posts displayed.
• excerpt=”true”: displays post excerpts that you have created, if any.

Latest posts englisch

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