How to create contact forms for your WordPress website

A well crafted contact form is much more than just a way for your visitors to make contact with you! It is a valuable tool that helps you to control inquiries and understand the needs and wishes of your visitors using surveys with predefined answers.

A good form makes it easy for your visitors to leave important feedback and allows you to evaluate that feedback quickly in a targeted way.

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and prevalent WordPress plugins for contact forms and it comes pre-installed in Managed WordPress.

Creating Contact Forms with Contact Form 7

Activate Contact Form 7 in your WordPress admin area under Plugins. After that, the Contact Forms menu item appears in the sidebar on the left.
Go to the Contact Forms main menu and then click Add New to create a new form. Make sure you give your contact form a title.

Adapting Content

As standard, your contact form has a field for the name, e-mail address, the subject of the message, the message itself and a button for sending the form. If you require more fields, you can add fields such as reCaptcha, options, check boxes or quizzes very easily and use them to adapt your contact form to your requirements.

Standard Formulas ENGLISH

Creating Surveys and Contests

This setting is of particular interest if you want to know your reader’s opinion on your website or another subject or if you want to add contests to your site.

The drop-down menu allows for the selection of multiple answers and is especially suitable for surveys. To create a survey, select the drop-down menu field and add all of the possible answers that can be chosen for the survey.
An alternative to the drop-down menu are check boxes. Check boxes also provide the visitor with a multiple choice selection in the form of horizontally aligned answers.

You can use radio buttons to integrate a survey or contest where your visitors have to choose from the possible answers.

A quiz allows you to include contests on your website. To participate in these contests, visitors have to choose the correct answer to a question selected by you.

Preparing a Survey with reCAPTCHA and a Submit Button

You use reCAPTCHA to protect yourself against spam messages sent by computers and prevent your website from being misused. Visitors have to prove that they are human by identifying and entering two distorted and hard-to-read words.

At the end of a contact form, you add a Submit button that allows the form to be sent. You can use the following code to add a condition that must be accepted before the form is sent.

[acceptance accept-this] Check here if you accept these terms

The form can only be sent once your visitor has accepted the condition that you have defined. These conditions may be terms and conditions, data privacy notices, and so on.

Captcha, radio buttons usww
Multiple answers possible: drop-down menu, check box
Only one answer possible: quiz, radio buttons, reCAPTCHA

Dropdown menu

Adding Contact Forms to Your Posts

Once you have created and saved your contact form, copy the shortcode that appears below the title. You can now add the code to a new or existing post that you want to use to display your contact form.

Contact formular - Kopie

Then paste the code at a desired position in the visual editor:

Einfügen des Codes in Beitrag ENGLISCH

Adapting E-Mail, Error Messages and Other Settings

Directly above the form editor, you can find the Mail, Messages and Additional Settings tabs. Here, you can change the settings for e-mail and error messages and add code snippets.

Configuring E-Mail Settings

In the e-mail settings area, you can specify the e-mail address to which the form is sent and the content that the mail is to contain. If you do not change this setting, Contact Form 7 uses the e-mail address that is linked to your user!

If you want the sender of the contact form to receive a confirmation e-mail, activate e-mail(2). You can either enter a text in the input field yourself or copy the pre-defined standard text.
Bestätigungs mail englisch

Changing Message Texts

If your visitor has not filled out all of the mandatory fields or if there is a problem with the server or other errors that prevent him or her from sending the contact form, short messages appear at the relevant points in the form.
You can change these messages in the Messages area.

Massages Formular

Managing Contact Forms

Admin mode provides you with an overview of all of your contact forms. You can access them quickly and edit, delete or copy them. Contact forms that you edit update themselves automatically in every post where you have integrated them.
You can either install Contact Form 7 directly in your WordPress admin area under Plugins or click here Download and install it manually.

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