WordPress – Solving rare issues after upgrading to PHP 5.5

After upgrading from PHP version 5.2 to PHP version 5.5 a few customers using 1&1 Click & Build WordPress installations in Free Mode received an Internal Server Error message.

This problem is caused by outdated information in two php.ini files, located in the WordPress root and in the wp−admin folder.

Solution: Edit php.ini

  1. Access your WordPress folder using sFTP and edit the php.ini files in the root and in the wp-admin folder.
  2. Remove the following lines:
    browscap = /usr/local/lib/browscap.ini;
    magic_quotes_gpc = on;
  3. Safe your changes and upload the updated php.ini files.

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PHP ProgrammingAs a site owner it’s important to always keep up to date. This means that the software your site is running on is the latest version but also the software the site is running on.

php.ini file

Some values got deprecated and the most important ones are browscap and magic_quotes_gpc. Before switching PHP versions you should check out the custom php.ini files in your project to see if you have those values. In case of a safe mode installation we at 1&1 do the migration for you so you have nothing to worry about.


In WordPress 3.9, code was added to use MySQL when running PHP 5.5. This should not cause any problems unless you are using a theme or plugin what makes calls directly to any mysql_*() function. It’s important that you check every site after you switch the PHP version.

The best thing to do is stop using the theme/plugin what is causing issues because the developer doesn’t follow the standards. Another option would be to set the constant WP_USE_EXT_MYSQL in your wp-config.php file like define(‘WP_USE_EXT_MYSQL’, true);. Which will work till the moment PHP will completely drop the functions. Last resort is to keep using PHP 5.4 for a while and nag the developers to fix the issue.


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One thought on “WordPress – Solving rare issues after upgrading to PHP 5.5

  1. kamal says:

    i have upadated my client website from php7.0 to php 7.1 due to security reasons, after php update in iis i cant able see my admin using wp-admin.
    anybody face this prob previously?
    if so give us a solution to solve this error.

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