GDPR compliant WordPress spam protection with Antispam Bee

The default anti-spam plugin for WordPress, Akismet, has been criticized in the past for providing a level of privacy protection that does not fully meet the requirements set in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In fact, while performing a spam check, it sends information to it’s publisher Automattic, including personal data like users email.

Strong alternatives like Antispam Bee show that good spam protection is possible even with a prudent, GDPR-compliant handling of personal data.

In order to better support and protect our users, we have decided to not deliver Akismet as part of our WordPress installation through the 1&1 App Center for the time being. As an alternative, we provide Antispam Bee. Of course, it is up to every user to install Akismet themselves and to add plugins such as Akismet Privacy Policies, to be as GDPR-compliant as possible.

Installing Antispam Bee manually

You can easily switch an existing WordPress site from Akismet to Antispam Bee:

  • Open the admin section of your website via
  • To disable Akismet, click on Plugins and then Akismet Anti-Spam > Deactivate.
  • To install Antispam Bee, click on Plugins > Add New and search for Antispam Bee.
  • Click Install Now.
  • When the installation finishes, click Activate.

Once you have activated the plugin, you can configure Antispam Bee under Settings > Antispam Bee.

How do you deal with possible privacy/data protection issues in WordPress plugins? Discuss in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “GDPR compliant WordPress spam protection with Antispam Bee

  1. Thanks a lot for this update. I was really tired with Akismet. I had to manually remove loads of spam comments from pending section daily.

  2. tom alex says:

    Oh man so finally i found it..

    Thank you my favorite community everything is available here.

  3. TekhniQs says:

    Such a wonderful update; really helpful. It was hell lot of time consuming to remove spam comments manually and there was no perfect plugin to take the job done. I was literally tired using the akismet plugin as it says there are some thousands of comments rejected from posting but still there are hell lot of comments posted which are actually SPAM.

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