The future of the WordPress admin interface: Calypso

WordPress receives a new alternative admin interface with Calypso. WordPress has been constantly improved by a large community over the past 13 years. In that period, WordPress has evolved from a simple blog platform to a flexible CMS (Content Management System).

Managing became more and more powerful and complex, while each new function required new dependencies. In order to fundamentally improve the way we manage content in WordPress, the WordPress team opted for a radical restart.


Calypso represents this restart with the implementation of a new control concept and modern technologies for the WordPress admin interface.

User support and development for the existing admin interface will remain intact in parallel with Calypso.

New look, improved user experience

With Calypso, you can manage your web sites and create articles in a standalone application which you can access via the web or install on your Mac, PC or Linux machine (Download from

Unlike the classic admin interface, Calypso was not written in PHP; it is based on JavaScript and libraries such as Node and React and communicates with your websites via an API.

These new technologies make Calypso visibly faster and more flexible.

The combination of the REST API with Calypso will make WordPress an ever stronger alternative to customized CMS in the months to come. All the more so because Calypso is open-source and can be adapted flexibly by developers. This opens up the opportunity for customized and specialized interfaces, custom-tailored to the needs of companies, publishers or agencies.

Features in Calypso 1.0

The new admin interface offers the following features:

Viewing statistics on your websites: Calypso offers detailed information and access statistics on articles, pages and comments.


Viewing statistics on your websites

Faster creation and editing of content: You can edit your articles in a new editor that adapts to your needs using a trimmed-down responsive design. This way, you can focus completely on your text. You can always activate the display of advanced options.


Minimize the editor to display sources simultaneously

Manage themes: Directly search for other themes and activate them. You cannot change themes directly in Calypso at the moment – instead, the familiar customizer opens in the classic interface.


Search and activate themes

Create and edit menus: Manage your menus via drag and drop and assign them to a menu area.


Customize menus

Manage plugins and configure automatic updates: You can install and manage plugins comfortably via Calypso. As a special treat, Calypso also offers the opportunity to activate automatic updates for supported plugins!


Enable automatic updates for individual plugins

Multisite: Central management of your websites in one place. Link your websites with your WordPress account via the JetPack plugin.

Disadvantages of the new admin interface

The new interface currently offers only a fraction of the classic design’s features. Many modifications will still require you to return to the old web interface.

Calypso requires the Jetpack plugin and a account. Those who do not want to use currently have no easy way of testing Calypso.

Calypso is available free of charge for Macs, PCs and Linux machines.

Download from

(With images by Martin Wolfert)

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