WordPress 4.9: What’s New?

WordPress 4.9 brings important improvements and new functions for the Customizer so that you can more easily adjust your site’s design. You can now send a link to share drafts of your changes with your team, publish changes at scheduled times and even lock your changes from editing by other designers.

WordPress 4.9 also offers a new gallery widget and an improved text widget that supports images, audio and videos.

Improved help articles and security notices help you create menus more easily and publish new content or design changes faster and more securely.

Widget Updates

Improvements to the media management functions let you add a WordPress gallery as a widget in any widget area you like. Just give it a title, choose the images from your media library and you’re done!

wordpress-4-9-img-5Text Widget: Add Media with a Single Click

You can now add images, videos and audio files to a text widget – just click the Add Media button in the widget.

wordpress-4-9-img-4Improvements to the Customizer

Schedule Changes: Publish Design Changes at Scheduled Times

WordPress 4.9 allows you to save design changes as drafts and publish them at a scheduled time – the same way you do for posts. Simply select the date and time when you want your changes to go live!

If you are working on your website’s design and want to get feedback from your team or your customer, you can now share a link to your design drafts. This makes your work more efficient and lets you more easily collect and implement feedback!

wordpress-4-9-img-9Protect Your Changes with a Design Lock

In situations where more than one designer is working on a website, it’s possible for designer A to accidentally overwrite changes from designer B. The design lock in WordPress 4.9 lets you protect your design draft so that no one can make changes or delete your work.

Improvements for Developers

Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking in the Editor

Have you ever had a display problem but simply could not find the error in the CSS you worked so hard to write?

The new syntax highlighting and error checking functions in the CSS editor and the user-defined HTML widget make it easier to scan your CSS so that you can find code errors faster.

wordpress-4-9-img-6Sandbox and Tips for Greater Security

WordPress 4.9 warns you before saving a corrupted code change to a theme or plugin, so you can sleep soundly at night.

If you edit your themes and plugins directly, for instance without a child theme, WordPress 4.9 also politely warns you that this is a risky practice. Be on the safe side and create a backup of your data before saving, so that the data won’t be overwritten by the next update.

Improvements to Website Layout

Better Help for Creating Menus

In the past, working with menus was not always as intuitive as you might have liked. The new version therefore includes clearer instructions and a cleaned-up display to help you create your menus more easily.

wordpress-4-9-img-3More Reliable Theme Changes

In the past when you changed themes, menus and widgets sometimes got mixed up and changed positions. When you change themes in WordPress 4.9, menus and widgets will more reliably stay in their proper places.

A preview function also lets you test your widgets and menus with a different theme.

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