WordPress 4.6.1 security update available now

WordPress 4.6.1 was just released. This is an important security release that includes fixes for critical vulnerabilities and improvements for WordPress 4.6 and lower and is recommended for all WordPress users.


As always, Managed WordPress websites will be updated by 1&1 automatically. If you have installed WordPress yourself or use a standard installation from the 1&1 App Center, you can update to 4.6.1 from your WordPress Dashboard.  Select Updates and click Update Now.

If you prefer to update manually, you can download WordPress 4.6.1 here.

What’s new in WordPress 4.6.1?

This release contains important security updates and bug fixes, among other smaller improvements (wordpress.org, Jeremy Felt):

Bootstrap/Load#37680 – PHP Warning: ini_get_all() has been disabled for security reasons

Comments#37696 – WP_Comment_Query loses sql_clauses with object cache

Database#37683 – $collate and $charset can be undefined in wpdb::init_charset(). #37689 – Issues with utf8mb4 collation and the 4.6 update

Editor#37690 – Backspace causes jumping

Email#37736 – Emails fail on certain server setups

External Libraries#37700 – Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons (Requests library). #37720 – The minified version of the Masonry shim was not updated in #37666 (Masonry library)

HTTP API#37733 – cURL error 3: malformed for remote requests. #37768 – HTTP API no longer accepts integer and float values for the cookies argument

Post Thumbnails#37697 – Strange behavior with thumbnails on preview in 4.6

Script Loader#37800 – Close “link rel” dns-prefetch tag

Taxonomy#37721 – Improve error handling of is_object_in_term in taxonomy.php

Themes#37755 – Visual Editor: Weird unicode (Vietnamese) characters display on WordPress 4.6

TinyMCE#37760 – Problem with RTL

Upgrade/Install#37731 – Infinite loop in _wp_json_sanity_check() during plugin install

For a complete list of all bug fixes and improvements please see the official WordPress 4.6.1 release notes.

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