WordPress 4.5: What’s new?

WordPress 4.5 “Coleman was recently released. We would like to introduce you to the most important new features. In addition to the usual improvements in speed and bug fixes, in WordPress 4.5, the customizer has been further developed, new features have been added to the visual editor and some other improvements to the user experience have been made.

Improved Visual Editor

With the visual editor you can edit your website and posts. WordPress 4.5 introduces some improvements which allow you to create texts faster and more efficiently :

New Shortcuts

Inline shortcuts have been introduced with WordPress 4.3 to make it easier to format text directly in a menu. Using this, you can easily create headlines and lists. Originally, WordPress 4.5 was supposed to introduce new shortcuts for *italic*, **bold** and ‘code’. There will eventually be only one shortcut for ‘code’ , but the WordPress team intend to test the shortcuts further before completeing these changes.

Learn how to use shortcuts in WordPress:


WordPress allows you to use shortcuts to save time. With the shortcut Ctrl + k (Win) or CMD + k, you will be able to add and edit links.
In the visual editor, you can place your cursor where you want to add the link, press Crtl+ k and start writing. This allows you to integrate a link pointing to your website, or enter an external URL.

Improved Theme Customizer

With the customizer, you now can switch quickly between previews optimized for your desktop, tablet and smartphone.


Website Logo Support

In addition to the website icon (browser and app icon) in the customizer, you can now set a website logo, if your theme supports this function. The logo will be displayed in an area of your website defined by your theme.

WordPress 4.5 - Customizer device preview

Easier Comment Moderation

If comment moderation is part of your regular duties. With WordPress 4.5 it’s easier to approve comments and edit them before publishing them. Right from the notification of a new comment via e-mail you will be taken to an editor screen where you can check, edit, and preview the comment before approval.

Optimized Image Size (Responsive Images)

With version 4.4, WordPress had already introduced optimized copies of your images in different sizes. Depending on the screen size and the device your visitors’ are using , images will be displayed appropriate to the screen format. On smartphones and tablets, this speeds up your site and reduces data volume.
With WordPress 4.5 these optimized copies have been further improved. The size of the optimized images will be reduced by up to 50% without any visible quality loss.

Responsive Images_EN

Login Using E-Mail Address

A feature, which raises the question , why hasn’t this been available sooner? You can now log in to your WordPress website with your e-mail address! To everyone, like the author of this entry, who tends to forget their usernames, this is certainly helpful.


Improvements for Developers

WordPress 4.5 will bring many interesting improvements for developers:

  • With Selective Refresh, you can define areas in the customizer which can be refreshed without reloading the entire preview (#27355).
    Please check your widgets for compability since this function might only be integrated for widgets as opt-in in 4.5 (#35855).
  • Templates for embedded content can be introduced by a theme into the template hierarchy (#34561).
  • The new WP_Site class provides an object-oriented approach for managing sites in multisite installs (#32450).
  • With the introduction of wp_add_inline_script (), you will be able to add inline scripts (#14853). In this context, dependencies have been improved (#35873).

What we liked about WordPress 4.5

  • New shortcuts for those who like to write more than to click through menus.
  •  Logos and website previews can be adjusted and tested for different end devices in the customizer.
  •  Websites automatically load faster and need less storage space through optimized images.
  • Comfortable login to WordPress with an e-mail address.
  • Comments can be checked more easily, edited directly and be approved.

WordPress 4.5 definitely is a recommended update. Existing features have been developed reasonably and the user experience has been improved.

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