WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” now available

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” is now available. With new features like oEmbed support, responsive images, single post template files and much more, your website will have a lot of new functions that make it easier to customize individual pages and share content.

Managed WordPress Websites will be updated automatically by 1&1 shortly. If you have installed WordPress manually or if you did a standard installation from the 1&1 App Center, you  can download the update or install WordPress 4.4 from your WordPress dashboard.

In addition to the new features, WordPress 4.4 also offers many small improvements.

Twenty Sixteen theme

Twenty Sixteen is the new theme WordPress 4.4 is putting on the market to demonstrate its new features. Like the earlier version Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen has a simple design with a clear, orderly appearance. The theme includes a horizontal header and an optional sidebar on the right.

Responsive Image- Big version

(Screenshots with pictures by Martin Wolfert)

With Twenty Sixteen, you can adjust the background and change the colors of your website to meet your personal preferences.


The theme also offers a customizable header, various post formats and Sticky Posts that keep preferred posts at the top of the page.

Responsive images

With responsive images, WordPress offers adjustable image sizes for any terminal device. WordPress now also automatically adds the appropriate attributes when you add an image in the editor.

Responsive images speed up loading and ensure that an optimized version of your WordPress website is displayed on every device.


Embedding WordPress content externally

WordPress 4.4 now supports the oEmbed standard. This means that content from your WordPress website can be embedded on other websites. For theme developers, that means that you can now make adjustments not only for the normal display, but also for the embedded version.
If you do not want your content to be embedded externally, you can simply use a plugin to disable embedding.


WordPress 4.4 now supports more oEmbed provider. You can now embed content from Cloudup, Reddit-Comments, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck and VideoPress easily on your Website.

Single post template files

On your WordPress website, you select a consistent theme that appears on all your pages. The single post template file allows you to use a different design for important or particularly interesting posts, so you can easily create product pages or creative teasers.

This function turns a specific page of your Managed WordPress website into something special that stands out from the others.

Revised comments field

Another change is the arrangement of the fields in the comments section. The field for the comment has been moved to the top of the hierarchy. The required specifications of name, e-mail address and the person’s own website only appear after it.

For most of your regular visitors, cookies will automatically fill out these fields so that they can publish their comments even faster.

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