WordPress 4.4.1 Update now available

A new Version of WordPress is here and it fixes some vulnerabilities in older WordPress Versions. WordPress 4.4.1 also fixes an Issue concerning older PHP-Versions and the HTTP-API and a false Rewrite using Slug.

The update to version 4.4.1 will be done automatically by your WordPress. In case you deactivated the automatic updates we recommend you to update your website as soon as possible in your WordPress-Dashboard by yourself.

For 1&1 customers: Managed WordPress websites will automatically receive the update shortly.

Fixes in WordPress 4.4.1

Till now customers with an older PHP-Version couldn’t use the HTTP-API of WordPress. With the update to the version 4.4.1 this should be possible now. On top an error was fixed where the rewrite of an URL wasn’t working probably. Websites now can be found by using slugs without getting redirected to the wrong page.

To Support the new Emojis from the unicode 8.0 standard the corresponding polyfill from WordPress was adjusted. WordPress now supports a way larger amount of Emojis. More information to the update can be found on the official WordPress Website.

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