Out now: WordPress 4.3.1 security release

The first important security release for WordPress 4.3 is out now: WordPress 4.3.1 provides fixes for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and closes one potential privilege escalation. As with all minor releases, your website will be updated automatically, if you have not disabled automatic updates.

WordPress websites in 1&1 Safe Mode will automatically receive the update shortly.

Critical fixes in WordPress 4.3.1

From the WordPress Blog:

  • WordPress versions 4.3 and earlier are vulnerable to a cross-site scripting vulnerability when processing shortcode tags (CVE-2015-5714). Reported by Shahar Tal and Netanel Rubin of Check Point.
  • A separate cross-site scripting vulnerability was found in the user list table. Reported by Ben Bidner of the WordPress security team.
  • Finally, in certain cases, users without proper permissions could publish private posts and make them sticky (CVE-2015-5715). Reported by Shahar Tal and Netanel Rubin of Check Point.

WordPress 4.3.1 also fixes twenty-six bugs. For more information, see the release notes or consult the list of changes.

How to download and update WordPress 4.3.1

To update to 4.3.1, open your WordPress Dashboard > Updates and click Update Now. If you prefer to update manually, you can download WordPress 4.3.1 here.

Introducing WordPress 4.3

If you want to learn more about WordPress 4.3 please have a look at our previous coverage: WordPress 4.3: Better formatting, improved customizer, secure passwords

Video: wordpress.org

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