WordPress 4.2 “Powell”

WordPress 4.2 Powell was just released. This release focuses on simplicity, sharing and seamless integration.

Update: WordPress 4.2.1 and is available now. The update contains important security fixes for WordPress 4.2 and we recommend you update your WordPress installation as soon as possible! Learn more / Download

Here are the most important WordPress 4.2 features:

Improved Content Sharing

press-this-buttonsUse the Press This tool to fetch browser content and to edit and publish it directly in your blog.

It’s really easy to add Press This as a bookmarklet to your browser under WordPress Admin > Tools > Available Tools.

Emoji Support and More Characters Supported

WordPress now supports Emojis, have fun using them. As a Windows user for example, you can directly copy Emojis from GetEmoji.com or add them via touch keyboard (Windows 8 or higher). Mac users simply use the shortcut Command-Control-Space to open the Emoji selection.


In addition, WordPress 4.2 supports many new characters such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

There are also many new characters from areas such as maths, music and hieroglyphics.

Switching Themes in Customizer

You will now be able to directly switch the active theme in the Customizer while customizing a theme. You can browse and search all installed themes directly in the sidebar of the customizer.


Tumblr.com and Kickstarter Embedding

You can now directly copy links from Tumblr.com and Kickstarter. WordPress then embeds them automatically.

Easier Plugin Updates

This is the end of boring update screens: Plugin updates will be faster and smoother than ever.


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