Security release: Update to WordPress 4.2.3 now

Dear WordPress users: It is time for another important update.

WordPress 4.2.3 was just released, including several important security fixes for all previous WordPress Versions. We recommend you update your websites immediately.

  • WordPress websites with automatic updates enabled and WordPress websites in 1&1 Safe Mode will receive the update shortly.
  • If you have automatic updates disabled, we recommend you update from your WordPress dashboard now.

From the WordPress Blog

WordPress versions 4.2.2 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could allow anonymous users to compromise a site. This was reported by Jon Cave of the WordPress Security Team, and fixed by Robert Chapin.

We also fixed an issue where it was possible for a user with Subscriber permissions to create a draft through Quick Draft. Reported by Netanel Rubin from Check Point Software Technologies.

Source: WordPress Blog

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2 thoughts on “Security release: Update to WordPress 4.2.3 now

  1. Émeriau says:

    Comment faire pour avoir l’ensemble de des sites et messages EN FRANÇAIS ?

    1. Philipp Bellmann says:

      Cher Ef,

      Notre objectif est de publier rapidement des contenu de qualité. C’est pourquoi nous nous limitons actuellement avec une petite équipe d’experts à rédiger des contenues en anglais, ce qui ne signifie pas que d’autres langues, notamment le français, seront exclues à l’avenir.

      Nous vous remercions pour votre contribution et l’intérêt que vous portez à la 1&1 Community.


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