WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” is Here

Update: The new release of WordPress, named “Dinah”, is now available.

Focusing simpler operations, WordPress 4.0 moved along consistently to WordPress 4.1. You´ll see improvements right away when creating a post.

WordPress 4.1 Highlights:

  • new standard theme: Twenty Fifteen” is the new standard theme. It is a very tidy like theme that offers everything one needs from a modern theme.
  • Distraction Free Writing: If you activate this new function, only editor items remain on the page as soon as you start writing. If you move the mouse on the text box all items are displayed again.
  • direct image editing: now you can edit images directly in the Editor with the new toolbar. There is no need to change view.
  • simpler language selection: You can change the language of the page in WordPress settings. Uninstalled languages will be automatically installed later.
  • Vine: The six seconds videos of the “Vine” service are now displayed directly in the visual editor, as soon as you enter an URL in your post.
  • Plugin Recommendations: WordPress 4.1 recommends plugins, based on the behavior of other users, who use the same plugins as you.

Distraction Free Writing

WordPress 4.1 Distraction Free Writing

Direct Image Editing with the New Toolbar

WorPress 4.1 Toolbar

Simpler Language Selection

WordPress 4.1 Setup Language

Updating to WordPress 4.1

As WordPress 4.1 is a major update, it will not be automatically installed by WordPress. This is how to update your WordPress installation.

1&1 Safe Mode

We will start to update your WordPress installation to WordPress 4.1 soon. There is no action required from you.

1&1 Free Mode and Manual Installation

As an admin, you can update your WordPress installation directly in your WordPress admin area under Dashboard > Updates. We recommend updating to WordPress 4.1 as soon as possible to get all the benefits and improvements that come along with the new release.

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6 thoughts on “WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” is Here

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I received an e-mail from 1and1 informing me that my WordPress website, http://www.sibersci.com, needed to be updated to V4.1 Dinah. When I followed the instructions listed above, the Dashboard told me that my installation was up to date. Therefore, do I need to reinstall WordPress to update to V4.1 Dinah, or will 1and1 do the update for me automatically?


    Dr. Scott Best
    Chief Technology Officer
    SiberSci, LLC

    1. Daniel Alves de Jesus. says:

      Dear Dr. Best.
      We inform our customers of the available update and according to the install mode used (Safe Mode/Free Mode) and your own settings in WP it might be the case that your updates are done automatically. The information in your WP Dashboard is correct and no re-installation is necessary.

      Kind regards
      Daniel Alves de Jesus
      1&1 Community

  2. Curtiss says:

    So if I wait for you guys to update this 4.1 What is the ETA for that?

    1. Daniel Alves de Jesus. says:

      Hi, Curtiss.
      According to the planning probably by the end of this week, latest Monday/Tuesday.

      Daniel Alves de Jesushttps://community.1and1.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form
      1&1 Community

  3. Muru Odedra says:

    I forgot my password
    Account number ***

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Muru!

      I understand that you’ve lost and/or forgot your account password. Certainly, we understand this predicament. As such, what I’ve done is I’ve emailed over the password to the email address that you have listed on your account with us. Let us know if you don’t receive this. If you would like, you can email us any time at solutions@1and1.com or call us at the 844-501-2631 phone number for more information. Thank you!


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