WordPress 4.1.1 Released – Time to Squash Some Bugs

WordPress 4.1.1 (WordPress Blog) was released a few hours ago with a focus on fixing minor bugs from version 4.1.

To use the words of the WordPress Core Team: WordPress 4.1 was pretty much smooth sailing, with very little issues and solid quality.

Nevertheless, 21 bugs were kindly forced to vacate the WordPress source code. Say your good-byes here.

As with all minor releases, your installation will be updated automatically in the next days, if you have not disabled automatic updates.

For 1&1 customers:

  • Safe Mode: Customers using 1&1 Click & Build Safe Mode will be updated automatically.
  • Free Mode and self maintained installations:
    • If you have automatic updates enabled for your site, it will be updated to WordPress 4.1.1 automatically.
    • If you have automatic updates disabled: Please update manually as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about bugfixes and small improvements in 4.1.1 we recommend reading the Changelog on WordPress.org.

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One thought on “WordPress 4.1.1 Released – Time to Squash Some Bugs

  1. Hervé says:

    since the 4.1.1 update some plugin do not work properly, TinyMCE Advanced on caintain forum it says that it comes from the automatic update facility by 1 & 1 , and that it works properly if one makes the upgrad in manual mode.

    What should we think?

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