#wceu 2016: WordCamp Europe, Vienna – Live Video

We are at #wceu, WordCamp Europe 2016, in Vienna. WordCamp Europe is a global conference dedicated to all things WordPress. The WordPress family is getting together to share ideas, knowledge and strategies to help the teenager WordPress continue to grow into the beautiful adult platform, that is already being used for much more than blogs: business websites, e-commerce and so much more.

For the next 3 days we will bring you the latest news from great talks on these topics: development, design, themes, content management, content strategy, community building.


Beautiful city, beautiful location, beautiful weather: Let’s meet the WordPress family

Please visit the WordCamp Europe 2016 Website for a complete schedule, background info and a live stream overview.

WordCamp Video Livestream

No matter if you’re a developer, a designer, a WordPress user or someone that needs to make an informed business decision regarding the deployment of a WordPress website, you will find great talks.

You can watch all the talks in the conference live stream (Schedule).

Live Stream Track 1Live Stream Track 2Live Stream Track 3

WordCamp Europe 2016 on Twitter

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