Automatic updates to PHP 5.5.33, PHP 5.6.19 and PHP 7.0.4 available

Updates for PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 are available for all 1&1 customers.

After testing PHP 5.6.19, PHP 5.5.33 and PHP 7.0.4 these past days, we are now making them available automatically for your websites. No manual update required.

PHP 5.6.19, PHP 5.5.33 and PHP 7.0.4 include small bugfixes and security updates.

Please visit the official PHP ChangeLog for a more detailed look on these updates: PHP 5 ChangeLog, PHP 7 ChangeLog


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What happens if the PHP community has stopped providing security updates for an older PHP version but you still wish to or have to use this version?

In this scenario 1&1 Extended Support for PHP provides an alternative that allows you to continue operating your website and web applications securely with the older PHP version.

1&1 Extended Support for PHP at a glance

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