Start your eCommerce Website with WordPress and WooCommerce

39% of all online shops are using WooCommerce already. And with good reason:

WooCommerce and WordPress enable you to build powerful and modern online shops and flexible eCommerce websites. WooCommerce combines usability with excellent expandability and perfect WordPress integration.

The support by Automattic – the people behind WordPress – makes WooCommerce a future-proof platform with reliable long-term support.

Install WooCommerce

WooCommerce at 1&1

When choosing your shop, you are committing to one system for a longer period of time. We like WooCommerce a lot, but there are alternatives you might want to consider as well.

Themes you and your customers will love

WooCommerce offer professional, secure and expandable themes for your online shop, company or portfolio. Our wizard will assist you in choosing a secure theme.

Online Store: Select your ThemeSimple, international and search-engine-friendly

WooCommerce can be installed, adapted for new markets and optimized for search engines (SEO) easily in just a few steps using the 1&1 WP wizard.

  • WooCommerce is international: Just like WordPress, WooCommerce offers different locales for all pages and functions of your shop.
  • WooCommerce is search-engine-friendly: The combination of WordPress and sophisticated SEO plugins puts all the tools required for effective SEO at your disposal.

A shop your customers can trust

Your online shop is secure. WooCommerce and WordPress are checked and updated on a regular basis to prevent security holes.

  • Protect your online shop and your customers’ data with SSL encryption.
    Activate SSL in 1&1 App Center
  • Combine WooCommerce with professional themes and plugins and receive a system that is extremely secure, despite its widespread distribution.
  • Legal clarity for your market: Create legal clarity for your market with out plugin recommendations.

Great user experience, regardless of the products you sell

Selling successfully means inspiring your customer from the very start and guiding them to their goal comfortably. That is why WooCommerce employs themes with a modern and tidy interface that provides customers with an easy way to search your products and contents.


  • WooCommerce offers support for various business sectors.
  • Use dynamic, animated product pages and text effects to highlight selected products.
  • Present physical and digital products, services and memberships effectively.
  • Offer flexible payment methods for your customers: e.g. pre-orders, subscriptions and single payments.

Image: WooCommerce Theme Demo, Storefront

Excellent support and documentation

  • Regular updates and consistent development.
  • The excellent WooCommerce documentation has all the right answers to your questions and problems.

Install via 1&1 App Center

The 1&1 App Center now offers the option to install WordPress with WooCommerce free of charge.

1&1 App Center: Select Website Type

Select the Online Store website type in the 1&1 WP wizard after installing WordPressChoose your WooCommerce theme and expand the range of functions as needed with our recommended plugins.

Getting started with WooCommerce

Once installation is complete, the WooCommerce setup wizard will guide you through the basic settings for your online shop. Here you can easily adjust important settings for your location, products and payment methods.


When the set-up is complete, you will find two new sections in your WordPress admin menu:

  • WooCommerce
    • Manage Orders and Vouchers
    • Adjust Settings for your online shop.
    • In the Reports section, you will find information on orders, customers and stock management and revenue statistics by date, category or product.
  • Products
    • Add product: Create new products and adjust stock and shipment settings. You can set up cross- and up-selling via linked products.
    • Create and edit Categories for your online shop. You can use categories to define the order in which your products (categories) are displayed on your website.
    • Add Keywords and descriptions for products . Keywords will help your customers find related products and can improve recommendations.
    • Add Properties: Properties allow you to add additional product data such as size or color and use them later in the shop’s side bar.

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2 thoughts on “Start your eCommerce Website with WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. plexor says:

    I’ve used 1&1 for years for safeguarded Dom names and the stability.
    Very recently with a major failure with a 1&1 competitor, I decided to look into 1&1’s full services.
    Today, I’m very impressed and will actually be bringing back over 30 Domains AND will be setting up their Servers here!
    The Site speeds are very improved, the facilities very upgraded and most importantly for a non-Geek – excellent install scripts and Manuals. 🙂

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi plexor,

      thanks for your great feedback – and welcome back 🙂

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

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