SEO Plugins for WordPress – 5 Recommendations

WordPress is a very popular, constantly developed content management system. Therefore, it already has many opportunities for search engine optimization. However, some remaining gaps can be filled with the help of plugins. In the following, I will present five of these plugins, at which you should take a closer look.

Yoast – a Solution for (Almost) Everything

Yoast LogoCertainly, Yoast is one of the best known and most widely used SEO plugins for WordPress. Even with the free standard version, you can customize titles and descriptions of posts, set up canonical links and create XML sitemaps. Canonicals are important to avoid duplicate content due to multiple URLs per page . Sitemaps help Google and other search engines gain an overview of the links existing on a website.

A very useful feature of Yoast is called „Permalink clean up“. This function ensures simple, search engine friendly URLs without parameters and unnecessary characters. Overall, Yoast can be referred to as the fundamental SEO plugin, which you should install in any case.

SEO Friendly Images

Images should also be considered in the search engine optimization. Besides the size of the images, it is important that they have alt and title attributes, by which the images can be described in more detail. Search engines are still dependent on such information, because the contents of the images themselves cannot be evaluated correctly (yet). A plugin that helps you insert these attributes for images is „SEO Friendly Images“.

All in One SEO Pack

Similar to Yoast, „All in One SEO Pack“ also provides a range of optimization opportunities. In addition to XML sitemap support, aid for the integration of Google Analytics, optimization of titles, automatic generation of meta tags and more is provided. This plugin can also be downloaded for free.

The internal linking on websites is an important ranking factor, because only pages that are accessible by link can be found and indexed by the search engines. To improve the internal linking, the „WordPress Popular Posts“ plugin is provided. It displays a list of the most popular posts on a website and links them respectively. You can freely select the time period. In addition, multiple widgets with different settings can be displayed simultaneously.

A website grows and changes over time. Constantly, new incoming and outgoing links are added. In this connection, one must know that bad outgoing links may present a risk for the ranking of a page. If Google presumes that a link has been purchased or otherwise manipulated, this can be a problem.

LinkPatrol helps you keeping track of outbound links. This plugin shows an overview of all links outgoing from posts. You can sort these links by domains, link‑texts or even the authors of the respective posts. In this way, for example, you can delete or set on „nofollow“ all links pointing to a problematic domain. LinkPatrol is a fee-based plugin. You can, however, test it with a live demonstration.

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