Using SSL and 1&1 CDN with Joomla! for Better Performance and Security

In this post you’ll learn how to speed up large Joomla! websites via CDN (Content Delivery Network), and how to configure SSL encryption in combination with a CDN at 1&1.

These measures improve the user experience of your website and have a positive impact on the ranking of your website in search engines.

Anywhere in the world: with 1&1 CDN

With a Content Delivery Network, you make your website available for your readers everywhere in the world. Upon the first call ,the CDN saves the static content of your website and makes it available on over 20 data centers worldwide.

The visitors of your website now get the content from the server which is located closest to them. Thus, the content of your website is loaded faster – no matter on which continent your reader is. The CDN prevents high latency (waiting time) and filters possible attacks. More info to 1&1 CDN.

Setting up SSL with 1&1 CDN for your Joomla! website

Before configuring SSL with 1&1 CDN, you will need to prepare a domain and a 1&1 CDN Plus Package.


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Creating  a www subdomain

To use a CDN combined with SSL, you need a www subdomain:

  • Create a www subdomain. In this tutorial:
  • Click Next.

You should get the following status message: Operation completed. The subdomain was created.

Configure forwarding to your www.subdomain

In the 1&1 Domain Center you can configure now the domain that is linked to your SSL certificate.

  • Select your domain (
  • In Domain Settings, click Edit Destination.
  • Select Destination: Redirect.
  • Select the subdomain you have just set as Redirect Destination with the prefix https:// – e.g.
  • To apply your redirect settings, click Save.

Linking SSL and 1&1 CDN to your Joomla! website

In this step you prepare your Joomla! website for 1&1 CDN.

1&1 CDN setup

  • Open the 1&1 Control-Center. In the Hosting > CDN Settings section, select the configured www subdomain.
  • In the CDN Settings, change the encryption to Full option.
    As soon as CDN has been set up, a loop redirection is activated when you try to connect using „https://www“.
  • Finally, in System > Configuration > Server enable the setting Force SSL: Entire Website

Add these lines to the .htaccess file in your Joomla! root folder:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

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Joomla! setup: Installing the cloudflare plugin (alternative)


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