Security and Backup Plugins

Make your website secure and manage comments effectively.
We recommend the following WordPress plugins:

AntiSpam Bee


Do you allow visitors to leave comments on your blog? Then you should definitely consider installing this small plugin.

AntiSpam Bee reduces the spam to zero. The plugin is recommended as an alternative to the pre-installed Akismet for all WordPress users. AntiSpam Bee contacts no public databases and does not violate data protection provisions.

Limit Login Attempts


This plugin limits the login attempts for each IP – even if special cookies are used. It blocks users with a certain IP as soon as a certain number of login attempts (freely selectable) has failed.

A brute force attack is therefore almost impossible. This is an absolute “must have” as by default your WordPress installation allows an unlimited number of login attempts which means that passwords can easily be cracked.

BackWPup Free



The free BackWPup version allows complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation.

You decide when and which data will be stored, and you can select different external service providers: Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP or Google Drive (only with the Pro version).

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