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Publish to Schedule lets you automatically publish your posts at a later time. With this plugin, you can ensure that your posts are published regularly and always at the same time. This lets you adapt your website to meet your readers’ needs and to publish posts at the times when your website has the most visitors.

If multiple authors write for your website, Publish to Schedule helps you distribute posts so that they can be as effective as possible.

Adjusting publication times

Install and activate the Publish to Schedule plugin in your WordPress admin panel.

To adjust your publication times, select SettingsPublish to Schedule  from the main menu. Specify how many posts may be published on which days. Enter the number of posts for each day of the week in the input fields.


If you do not want any posts to be published on certain days, enter 0 in those input fields.

Publishing posts manually: You can bypass the Publish to Schedule settings at any time by using the Publish immediately command to publish your post immediately.

The next step is to specify the times at which your posts may be published. Set a Start time and an End time, which the system will use to determine the permitted publication period.

Publishing posts automatically

To automatically publish your post at a later time, first create a new post. The editor will now determine the next possible time to publish your post based on your settings. If you accept the suggested day and time, click Pub. to Schedule.


If you wish to bypass this setting, you can publish your post immediately. In the Publish widget, select Publish immediately > Edit and set the current date and current time as the publication time. These settings will overwrite the preset options, and your post will appear immediately once you publish it to your website.

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