How to maintain your website’s SEO value when redirecting

Redirects forward a URL to a different URL and are analyzed by search engines. From a SEO perspective it is crucial to maintain your search engine ranking and the ranking power of your website when redirecting.

There is only one HTTP redirect, which will transfer your ranking power to the new URL: the redirect 301.


HTTP status codes for redirection

Redirects are distinguished over HTTP status codes. You have the choice between following redirects:

  • 301: the page was been moved permanently
    301 is a permanent redirect. Search engines take over 90% of the ranking power to the new URL!
    Use redirect 301 for all permanent redirects to keep your search engine ranking.
  • 302 and 307: the page has been moved temporarily
    302 (HTTP 1.0) and 307 (HTTP 1.1) do not transfer any ranking power!
    Use redirect 302 or redirect 307 only for temporary redirects, for example, during maintenance work on your website.

Creating a redirect

If you want to learn how to set up a redirect our team at has some great redirect tutorials for you.

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