Micropayment Solution for WordPress: LaterPay

Note: The LaterPay plugin is only available for merchants with a valid German VAT identification number.

With the LaterPay WordPress plugin you can sell your own digital content, e.g. articles, games or music, directly on your WordPress website. LaterPay is a micropayment solution, offering you the possibility to sell contents at very low prices, by aggregating several purchases. The visitors have the option to pay when their invoiced amount reaches a value equivalent to 5 euros.

LaterPay can run on your website in test or live mode. The test mode is only visible to the website admin and does not allow any real transactions on your website. However, this mode allows you to fully configure and test the plugin. For example, you can set different pricing categories for your contents, from a global default price to a dynamic pricing over time.

Activating your LaterPay merchant account enables you to switch to live mode and start selling contents. Your website will display a LaterPay button and a teaser informing your visitors for which contents they have to pay.

The LaterPay plugin includes a statistics module, which allows you to see, for example, the total revenue for a particular content and the share of visitors that bought this content.

LaterPay charges the sellers who are using this payment solution on their website a fee of 15% per transaction.


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