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Plesk makes server administration easy. Admins and web developers can adjust settings, manage domains, call up statistics and install apps in one clearly laid out web interface.

Plesk Onyx is free for 1&1 Cloud Server and 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud.

New in Plesk Onyx

  • Plesk Onyx now comes with additional support for Git, in order to make website deployment even easier for developers.
  • With Docker support, Docker containers can now be easily deployed and managed directly from the Plesk web interface.
  • Support for the forthcoming Windows Server 2016 provides future security.
  • System updates become easier with improved support of the yum and apt package managers.You can choose between manual and automatic updates and adjust the update settings for individual packages—all comfortably through the web interface.
  • What’s more, Plesk Onyx offers support for DNSSEC and brings further improvements for SSL. For example, you can now enforce HTTPS connections to your Plesk-hosted websites to improve the security of your visitors.

Click on the Plesk Onyx release notes to find out more about Plesk Onyx.

Plesk features

The most important features at a glance. Screenshots:


Websites and managing domains


Here you can find important settings for your websites and domains. For example, Manage FTP settings, e-mail, PHP versions, Apache and nginx settings or SSL configurations.



Where would we be without e-mail? Set up your e-mail here.

Manage and install applications


Install and manage CMS easily. From big names to specialized apps, almost everything is available to you.


Choose the desired software version before installation or adjust the installation according to your needs (custom version).

Create and manage databases


Everything you need for your data bases: edit databases with phpMyAdmin, create and import database dumps. Manage database users. Set up database servers. Create backups.

Call up statistics


Storage space, traffic, utilization according to service—here you can keep track with detailed statistics.

Tools and settings


All the settings an admin’s heart desires—in one place.

Manage and install extensions


Upload, manage and install extensions from the catalogue.

Manage users / rights


Adjust user settings, generate passwords and set interface languages.


Plesk Onyx demo (



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