PHP 7: Website turbo (first look at PHP 7 beta 1)

PHP 7 Is heading for the home stretch with high performance. The release of PHP 7 with full 64-bit support is currently scheduled for November 2015. The current Beta 1 already shows how much progress PHP 7 has made.

Twice the performance of PHP 5.6

PHP 7 will significantly benefit most web applications – the performance is increased considerably, and in most cases even doubled (in req./second). The performance optimizations in PHP 7 offer even greater advantages for popular CMSs like WordPress. (Source)

PHP7-test-beta-teaser-light-en_Teaser 720 Kopie

Just switch to PHP 7 and you can enjoy a 25 to 70% increase in performance. If your application is compatible, you do not have to adjust a single line of code.

Beta 2: Test your website and extensions with 1&1

The 1&1 Web Hosting team is currently running in-house tests in the alpha version of PHP 7 that has already been released. So far, the results have been very positive.

We also want to give you the opportunity to test PHP 7 early on, which is why we currently plan to offer our customers PHP 7 as an option starting with Beta 2. PHP 7 Beta 2 should be available on July 21, 2015 according to the Community. [Update: PHP 7 Beta 2 will be delayed a few days and likely be available on July 23, 2015. Source: GitHub ]

PHP 7 Beta 2 at 1&1 gives you the opportunity to test the advantages of PHP 7 on your website under real conditions. You can check your PHP code, test external and core extensions, and plan your own personal transition to PHP 7.

Not for use on production systems: PHP 7 Beta 2 is not intended for use on production systems. For this reason, we recommend testing this PHP version on a copy of your website. You can also create a subdomain and switch it to PHP 7 Beta.

Great for developers

PHP 7 offers several exciting new features for developers.

Better sorting with the spaceship operator

With the spaceship operator, PHP 7 is introducing a new operator that allows you to create comparisons and order operations more easily.


function order_func($a, $b) {
   return $a <=> $b;


Scalar Type Hints and Return Type Declarations

With PHP 7, argument type hints and return type declarations now support new scalar types. For example, you can define whether you expect strings, bools, ints or floats to be returned or forwarded.


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2 thoughts on “PHP 7: Website turbo (first look at PHP 7 beta 1)

  1. jJames Rome says:

    How do I access php 7 from the ssh command line?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi jJames Rome,

      currently we offer PHP 7.1 on command line.

      You can use it with its dedicated path


      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

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