PHP 5.6.2 Offers Further Bug Fixes, Security Updates and New Features for Developers

PHP ProgrammingWith the recently published version updates for the three current PHP branches 5.6, 5.5 and 5.4, the PHP community releases three stable subversions that you can from now on use with 1&1.
You can access your PHP Settings in the 1&1 Control Panel.

PHP 5.6.2, 5.5.18 and 5.4.34 each contain bug fixes and important security updates. If you have already selected one of our current versions, there is no action required from your part as you are automatically benefiting from the latest releases.

New in PHP 5.6.2

PHP 5.6.2 offers new features (Overview on yet again and boosts performance by up to 10 % compared to the previous version (PHP 5.5).

Important: 1&1 currently still recommends using PHP 5.5, especially for live systems. PHP 5.5 has proven to be reliable and offers a good mix of application support, reliability, performance, security and features.

If you would like to use PHP 5.6.2, open the PHP Settings section in your 1&1 Control Panel.

More information on changing the PHP version is available in the 1&1 Help Center.

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