Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines

The right keywords are important to make visitors find your website.

Use precise keywords

Specific and precise keywords have the following advantages:

  • Example: Software companies that only use the term “software” compete against many other companies in the result list and thus may end up at the end of the list. Instead, if you use a precise description, e.g. “software human resource management” the number of competitors decreases considerably.

Narrowly defined keywords and search terms lead to less results, but your company is ranked higher. Thus, you will eventually have more visitors on your website.

Choose more than one strategy

However, you can decide for more than one strategy only – you can use both short and concise forms, and comprehensive ones. If you completely ignore the latter you might miss many visitors for specialized search results.

If you want to reorganize your keywords, keep in mind that long phrasings of keywords cannot only be meaningful for search engine optimization, but also for Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertisement. The concept is quite similar: Less people see your post, but those who do will visit your website.


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4 thoughts on “Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines

  1. I asked “how to delete keywords” and no answer other than the above arose. I need to delete nearly all the keywords in my list and to put in new ones. Nothing on the ranking contract pages addresses this. I dial in for phone help, and no one answers for half hour or more or not at all.

    I’m paying good money for this service. Just because I have minimal background in this endeavor doesn’t mean I should be ignored.

    1. 1and1help says:


      I am very sorry that you feel that way. Of course we want to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail at help@1and1.com, providing your customer id and further informations about your issue.

      Thanks and best wishes,
      Michael, 1&1

  2. Roy Barton says:

    What the author – and the company – fail to tell anyone is that you cannot simply just put keywords to your site unless you buy yet another one of their packages. Every single thing that 1&1 does is so basic that you might as well go without and go elsewhere – which is what I will be doing in January when my renewal is due.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Roy,

      I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the features of your contract.

      But for your product, the 1&1 MyWebsite, there actually is a simple SEO tool, in which you can put in your description and keywords for Google and Co. Here’s the manual how you can do that: https://help.1and1.co.uk/mywebsite-c71659/search-engine-optimisation-c85260/edit-the-page-title-and-description-for-your-1and1-mywebsite-a792716.html

      You can add this globally once for all pages or use different settings per page.

      You don’t have to buy other tools or on-features to use this. This is already included in your MyWebsite package

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

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