Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines

The right keywords are important to make visitors find your website.

Use precise keywords

Specific and precise keywords have the following advantages:

  • Example: Software companies that only use the term “software” compete against many other companies in the result list and thus may end up at the end of the list. Instead, if you use a precise description, e.g. “software human resource management” the number of competitors decreases considerably.

Narrowly defined keywords and search terms lead to less results, but your company is ranked higher. Thus, you will eventually have more visitors on your website.

Choose more than one strategy

However, you can decide for more than one strategy only – you can use both short and concise forms, and comprehensive ones. If you completely ignore the latter you might miss many visitors for specialized search results.

If you want to reorganize your keywords, keep in mind that long phrasings of keywords cannot only be meaningful for search engine optimization, but also for Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertisement. The concept is quite similar: Less people see your post, but those who do will visit your website.


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