Test and optimize your website for mobile devices

Visitors of your website expect it to work great on their mobile devices. Here is how you test and optimize your website for mobile friendly, responsive design. This is especially important, since Google uses mobile friendly, responsive design as a ranking factor for search results. Making mobile optimizations an essential part of your websites SEO strategy.

If you have never thought about how your website is displayed on mobile devices, it’s time to act now because Google plans to penalize non-mobile friendly websites in the future.

Google stresses the importance of offering website visitors a good experience when they are visiting from their mobile devices. To support website owners, Google now provides mobile optimization guides for various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal.

Test Your Website with 1&1

Test Your Website With Google

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Based on the slogan It’s time to go #mobilefriendly, Google introduces various help documents for mobile optimization in a Google+ post. You can find tips for creating new, mobile-optimized websites or for adjusting existing sites for the most common content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla!. The different documents  take the specific features of the respective CMS into consideration. The WordPress tips for example, differentiate between websites hosted on WordPress.com or on an own domain.

Optimize your Website for mobile devices

Google has a great set of guidelines that can help you get started with mobile optimizations: Read Googles guides for the most popular content management systems

If you are using WordPress

Start by selecting a theme with responsive Design. There are many maketplaces for great, responsive themes – some examples:

If you are using Joomla!

Start by selecting a template with responsive Design. As with WordPress, there are a multiple maketplaces for great, responsive templates- some examples:

If you are using 1&1 MyWebsite or 1&1 Website Builder

Modern layouts for 1&1 MyWebsite and 1&1 Website Builder support responsive design for all mobile devices and offer your visitors a great mobile experience. Test your website now.

If you are using an older layout you might want to have a look at what the modern layouts have to offer. Modern layouts were designed from the start with mobile devices in mind and provide advanced options to adjust colors, fonts and the background of your active layout.

  • With font schemes, you can customize all text elements of your website with just one click. These schemes match perfectly and as a result your texts, headings and links match perfectly as well and are easy to read.
  • With color schemes, you can customize all sections of your website with just one click. The colors of these schemes match perfectly.

If you are using a static (HTML) Website

You can optimize your website for mobile usage with 1&1 Mobile Website Builder.

  • 1&1 Mobile Website Builder automatically converts your existing website to be compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Intelligent recognition and optimization: Achieved through the recognition of the most commonly prompted contents by mobile devices, the intelligent recognition and optimization enables your website to be viewed in an optimal visual and technical layout for mobile users.

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