1&1 App Center: Discover Koken (Photos), Contao (CMS) and Piwik (Analytics)

The 1&1 app family just got bigger! Starting immediately, you can now create websites using Koken and Contao in the 1&1 App Center. You can also use Piwik as an alternative to 1&1 SiteAnalytics to record and evaluate statistics relating to your websites.



Koken is a content management system built for photographers that you can use to professionally manage and present your photos. If you are familiar with Adobe Lightroom, you’ll feel right at home with this system.


  • Manage and edit your photos in Koken or synchronize your Adobe Lightroom library!
  • Present your portfolio in attractive slideshows and blog posts that highlight your images.
  • Create your website with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor and an intuitive live preview
  • Publish privately, make detailed adjustments to the visibility of your content

The Koken library also supports the following advanced functions:

  • Set the focal point of an image
  • Create albums and sets, edit album covers
  • Adjust publication dates
  • Optimize images during import and reduce sizes as needed

Koken themes and plugins download and install automatically from the integrated store:


Create a website with Koken


Contao is a barrier-free content management system that has undergone continuous development for more than 10 years.

Contao allows you to create company websites, microsites, portals and e-commerce websites. Whether landing pages with a parallax effect, videos and breathtaking sliders or portals with source code optimized for search engines—it’s all a breeze with Contao.


  • Used successfully by agencies and companies for over 10 years
  • Based on an open web standard
  • Easy to use, optimized for editors
  • Regular updates, quick bug fixes and 4 years of support for LTS versions
  • Community provides expert, easy-to-understand support for beginners and professionals

Create a website with Contao 

Piwik (coming very soon)


Piwik is an open-source tool for conducting real-time analyses of your websites. Piwik is an alternative to Google Analytics and 1&1 SiteAnalytics.


  • Free open-source software
  • 100% control over your data!
  • Protects your users’ privacy
  • Evaluates key indicators such as visits, page views, locations, devices, visit duration, bounce rate and more.
  • Can be customized and expanded

Images, screenshots: http://koken.me/ – https://piwik.org/ – https://contao.org/


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