Marko Heijnen Talks WordPress 2015: What’s New and Coming Soon for Developers and Users

Our colleagues from the 1&1 Blog released a great video series with Marko Heijnen giving an inside look at what is coming for WordPress in 2015.

For developers

2015 could be one of the biggest years for WordPress in terms of code and new functionality.

  • Developers will re-write some of the existing code, fix bugs, and continue the transition to a RESTful API.
  • Enhanced media handling for an improved user experience. For images, this could expand the capabilities to apply filters, like greyscale or sepia, and manipulate images on-the-fly.
  • Media folders will make management similar to the way it is achieved on a desktop computer.
  • Internationalization is a trend that continues from 2014. GlotPress, the tool that manages translations for WordPress installations plus some plugins and mobile apps, will continue to be developed. It will be extended to translate 10,000+ plugins in 2015.

For users

2015 will be a big year for WordPress users, especially those who put a strong emphasis on media elements. In this video, Marko discusses the new WordPress enhancements users can expect in 2015.

  • Developers work on updates to streamline media handling. Specific details are included in the video.
  • Enhancements to Customizer, allowing more flexibility for modifying the appearance of a theme. It will also be easier for users to setup the dashboard to their own specifications.

New developers contributing to WordPress

While most enhancements to WordPress are contributed by the same group, new developers play an essential role in advancing the platform.

In this video, Marko discusses the benefits that new developers bring to WordPress and provides advice for how they can get started.


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