Managing the Users of Your WordPress Account

To manage the users of your WordPress account, click Users in the sidebar of your WordPress account. The Users screen will be displayed. Here you can create, delete, edit and search users, as well as change their role on your website.

Creating Users

  1. In the Users screen, click Add New.
  2. Enter the required data: username, e-mail and password. Optionally, add the user’s first name, last name and website.
    Note: You cannot create several users with the same e-mail address.
  3. (Optional) Select Send this password to the new user by e-mail.
  4. Select the Role you want to assign to the new user.
  5. Click Add New User.

The new user is created.

Editing Users

  1. In the Users table, click the user you want to edit. The user Profile is displayed.
  2. Edit the user profile.
  3. Click Update Profile to save your changes.

Deleting Users

  1. In the Users table, click Delete below the username you want to remove. The Delete Users page is displayed.
  2. Select what should be done with the posts and links created by the user to be deleted:
    • The option Delete all posts and links will remove all contents created by this user.
    • The option Attribute all posts and links to allows you to attribute to another user all contents created by the user to be deleted.
  3. Click Confirm Deletion.

The user is deleted.

Searching for users

In the Users screen, enter a character string in the search box and click Search Users.

All users who contain the character string in their Username, Name, E-mail or Website fields will be displayed.

Changing User Roles

  1. In the Users table, click the checkbox next to the user whose role you want to change.
  2. On top of the Users table, click the field Change role to… and select the new role for the user.EN_Change_role_to
  3. Click Change.
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