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Managed WordPress is about you creating amazing websites for your visitors. This is why Pre-live staging offers you the opportunity to create, test and improve your website on a free temporary domain that can not be accessed via search engines that follow robots.txt directives – before connecting your website to a domain.

After installing Managed WordPress, you set up your website on a free temporary domain, customize the theme and add posts, photos and features.

Once you have designed your website to your taste and your needs and are ready to go online, you publish your website, connecting it to the desired domain. The website is then made available for search engines immediately and therefore, it can be indexed by Google and other search engines and users can then access your website through these search engines.

Info: While your website can not be found in search engines while in Pre-live, it is available publicly using the temporary domain!

Connect a domain to your website in the 1&1 App Center

You can manage and publish your websites from the 1&1 Control Panel. Open the 1&1 App Center to access an overview of your installed websites with detailed information and multiple options.

  • To publish your Managed WordPress website, click Assign Domain in the website settings.
  • This will open the publishing settings for your website. Here you can select the new domain for your website or create a sub-domain, if you prefer.

Publishing your website usually takes less than a minute and we highly recommend completing it, once you are ready to go online with your website.

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3 thoughts on “Connect your website to your domain

  1. Jim says:

    Is there a way to work on the site in staging, while the site is live, then just move the updates over?

    I want to leave the site with a basic setup live, so something is there, but I want to experiment on it without it being live for the public.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Jim,

      the feature you are searching for is not available with us.

      Maybe this plugin is the solution you are looking for:

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

      1. Peter says:

        1and1, you DO realize that basically EVERY other hosting provider that offers “managed” WordPress hosting can do what Jim requested, right? That’s pretty much the only reason to switch from a regular hosting account (like the one I have with you people now) to a managed hosting account…. and it looks more and more like when I do make that move, it’s going to be elsewhere.

        Plugins are nice, but the good ones cost a lot of money and they still can’t guarantee everything will work perfectly because different hosting providers have different ways of doing things.

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