Managed WordPress: Getting started

With WordPress you can create amazing blogs and websites. Managed WordPress by 1&1 makes installation and finding the best themes and plugins as easy as possible. Spend your time designing your page and creating great content instead of managing your installation. This is how you set up your website with Managed WordPress:

Setting up your website with the 1&1 wizard

After logging in for the first time, start the wizard to set up the design and plugins for your website.

Set up Managed WordPress with the 1&1 wizard

Connect your domain


Your website is using a free, temporary domain, after you complete the installation. With a real domain, your website will get found better in search engines. You can connect your domain from your WordPress admin panel.

Connect your domain

Activate SSL protection

SSL - Certificates

The 1&1 SSL certificate from Symantec, providing your website with the best possible protection, is included and free for your Managed WordPress website.
You can activate SSL conveniently from the 1&1 App Center.

Activate SSL


WordPress - Plugins

Managed WordPress offers you a range of preinstalled plugins that have been compiled for you by our experts and tested for performance and security. These plugins let you display images, engage in social networking and much more.

Show all plugins


WordPress - Themes

Themes not only define the look of your website, they also provide the features that help you present and organize your content.

Things like custom headers, featured posts and image sliders help you customize your website, making it truly unique.

Show all themes

Contact forms

WordPress - Contact Forms

A well crafted contact form is much more than just a way for your visitors to make contact with you!

It is a valuable tool that helps you to control inquiries and understand the needs and wishes of your visitors using surveys with predefined answers.

Create contact forms

Image galleries

WordPress - Galleries

With Managed WordPress and NextGEN Gallery, you can present photos in interactive image galleries with responsive design on your website. The plugin optimizes the size of your images automatically and offers various layouts, slideshows and lightbox effects for your galleries.

Create stunning image galleries

Transfering content to Managed WordPress

You can easily transfer content from another WordPress website to your Managed WordPress website. The transfer takes three steps.

  1. Exporting the data in your old WordPress website
  2. Preparing your Managed WordPress website
  3. Importing the data to your Managed WordPress website

Transfer your content to Managed WordPress

Essential WordPress Tutorials

Exciting, interesting and clearly legible content is the heart and soul of your website. These articles will help you to find, plan and create the right content for your target group. If you want to find out more about content strategies, success monitoring and search engine optimization, we have assembled all the relevant information in this article.

These tutorials will make you the true master of the WordPress backend.

Create, manage and edit WordPress pages

Pages are comparable to posts, but offer the possibility to assign a fixed structure. You can specify main pages and subpages – as you might be used to from regular websites

Create pages

Create your first post

WordPress - Create Posts

This tutorials shows you how to create and edit posts with the WordPress visual editor.

Create and edit posts

Assign categories and tags


Categories and tags help you organize content and help readers find content easily.

Assign categories and tags


Links (hyperlinks) are an important part of your website’s content strategy and user experience.

Create links

The WordPress dashboard

Managed WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is made up of Widgets containing important information for you.

The WordPress dashboard

How to manage the users of your WordPress account

Learn how to create, delete, edit and search users, as well as change their role on your website.

Manage users

Content tips

Great content will make your website successful. This is everything you need to get started with interesting content.


The best tools and strategies for managing your editorial tasks

Content Marketing depends on good and well-matched content. In order to be effective, content has to be published at just the right time and needs to complement other content in the best possible way. The following tools and techniques help you to keep track of the topic and deadline planning.

How to create great content for your Managed WordPress website

As you go about setting up your website, you may realize there is a very important component you might not be prepared with – page content! You know you want to fill it with compelling copy that engages your users and convinces them to buy your products and services, but how do you do this?

Essentials: Writing engaging copy for your WordPress website

Mark Twain said: Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. This is especially true for web copy. When readers only spent a few seconds categorizing and discarding your text, every word counts.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated SEO) describes all techniques that will help your website or a document reach as good a place as possible in the results of a search engine.

SEO OverviewSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) basics

SEO helps improve the quality of the web pages thus creating added value especially for the visitors of the pages. This post presents you the basis and sections of Search Engine Optimization. This basic understanding is important if you want to implement the techniques presented in the later articles.

Installation options

You can experience Managed WordPress with our optimized Managed WordPress packages or add it to an existing contract.

The Managed WordPress packages provide an extremly powerful platform for your WordPress websites – featuring webspace and databases on SSD, PHP 7, mod_deflate, DDoS protection, NGINX and much more.

Start with the new Managed WordPress packages

Upgrade an existing contract

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