Oliver has been working as an Advanced Abuse Analyst with 1&1 Internet AG for 5 years. He was able to gain extensive experience with WordPress through several blog projects, and has continuously developed his knowledge of CSS, HTML5 and theme design. Patrick is a temporary employee at 1&1, and gathered basic knowledge of WordPress mainly from editorial tasks.

Tell us about your website

Our website aims to combine the two hobbies “fishing” and “WordPress blogging”. Targeted are both fishers and non-fishers at the same time. That is why image presentation is highly important for us and we have chosen a modern and clear style.


pov-fishing - Home

What was the greatest challenge when creating your project?

The greatest challenge was finding an appropriate theme, just like many other bloggers before. However, as our requests were never fully met, we eventually decided to create it on our own.

Why did you opt for WordPress?

We especially liked the flexibility of the backend. There are also many possibilities for extension and the easy connection to social networks. Moreover, we can work together as a team on our next posts, upload images and plan upcoming events.

Which themes do you use?

We have created the theme on our own.

Update 08/22/2014:

It all started on a whiteboard where we decided what content we would present on the welcome page and what would generally be on the web page. We immediately knew we wanted a rather compact welcome page. The latest posts, some separate views into our gallery and our logbook in mini-format.

At the beginning we had a few free of charge themes, but we soon realized that it was not working. So, we started again from the beginning, and worked the themes by ourselves.

The greatest challenge for the welcome page was that the most recent post would be presented in another format than the other 3 posts below. WordPress offers here a flexible interface that simplifies everything when implementing.


pov-fishing - Article Timeline


A big construction site, probably the biggest, was the Gallery. Here we finally decided for the Nextgen-Gallery plugin. So far so good, we had an interface from backend to the database, where we could easily upload images…. But the display options this plugin offers did not suit our desire.

We did not want any frames around the images, nor clearly defined distances, but a kind of wall consisting of images that would stick together no matter whether in portrait or landscape format.
So, we created an own template, that simply takes the size of the image and, with some CSS, outputs in the end on the right position.

For our Fangbuch we used the “Spiffy Calendar” plugin. Here we needed some preparatory work, which would give us a fully programmed calendar that should have a small view prepared (start page) and a big one (calender page).
As the plugin also has an image upload function, this was almost perfect for our project. But even like that, we had to so some work so that we got to the result that can be seen today on the website.

Our posts overview page is just the normal WordPress-Loop, which takes a number at every loop search and checks it if even or odd. According to that, the posts are displayed on the righ or on the left side. That was our change to provide 2 specific texts in the same structure.


pov-fishing - Gallery

Which plugins do you have activated?

Where do you get information from?

There are interesting user guides and documentations in the official WordPress Codex. For further questions, we mainly search several forums and communities for adequate answers.

What are the plans for your website?

We want to share our common hobby “fishing” with our friends and with the world, provide some useful tips and maybe represent a popular website one day.

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