Last summer, Niko completed an internship in 1&1’s PR department and is now employed as a working student in the company’s Commercial Management team.

Tell us about your website

I have started to revive an old project in winter 2013 and have been blogging about electronic music regularly since then. I especially like to offer a platform to new talents.


What were the greatest challenges?

The installation of WordPress was really easy. The creation of my theme however took a lot more effort. I spent a lot of time with CSS programming. Although the website has already been online since November, I improve the design almost every day.

Why did you choose WordPress?

WordPress provides me with unlimited possibilities and it is also free. For me, as a blogger, it is also particularly important that I can quickly create and post articles. Moreover, the integration of different types of media is very easy and an absolute advantage.

Which themes do you use?

As already mentioned, I have programed a lot myself. I started out with an existing theme and then changed it according to my ideas. There are countless, really great themes for WordPress and most of them are free. However, I’m glad that you can relatively quickly implement your own design ideas.

Which plugins do you use?

Where do you get information?

I have been reading many tutorials. I can especially recommend community pages because they allow users to interactively exchange solutions and ideas.

What are the plans for your website?

My blog keeps growing and growing. Currently, I get the first requests for cooperations and events. I hope that I will be able to increase the number of my regular readers to reach 1,000 followers by the end of this year.

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