Introducing: Cordt Rott

Cordt has been working as a designer and web designer for 18 years. Today he is working for 1&1 as Project Manager and Sales Manager. Furthermore, Cordt can be considered an expert of all things concerning SEO.

Tell us about your websites

I create different small websites for schools, associations, or small enterprises. I am not really using WordPress to create blogs, but rather as a WCMS for structured content.


What were the greatest challenges?

The customers’ requirements are always an interesting challenge.
I mostly focus on improving the design of the theme and on supporting the customer as much as possible.
WordPress offers a lot of technical flexibility for doing this and a large pool of plugins and themes to support my work.

Cordt Rott - Grundschule Dobel

Why did you choose WordPress?

  • It starts with the simple installation and maintenance.
  • The quality of the themes and plugins is also very important.
  • My customers are quickly learning to work with the system. That makes things easier for me and I can be sure that my pages will continue to develop content-wise.

Eventually, it is also a gut decision… Over the last years, I have tested many systems over and over again – with WordPress I feel comfortable and I can work really fast.

Which themes do you use?

They differ. Depending on the project, I select from different providers: Themeforest, Elegant Themes or WooThemes for example.
Then I adjust the design of the theme for the customer.

Cordt Rott - TSV Dobel

Which plugins do you use?

Depending on the project, I mostly select from these plugins:

Who supports you / Where do you find information?

I use blogs, forums, books and tutorials – quite diverse.

What are the plans for your websites?

  • SEO optimization
  • content development
  • a fresh design every few years

How do you organize content on the websites?

  • Tags and text:
    • Already when creating the texts, I try to use suitable tags and content, and if necessary to distribute them on separate pages.
      I try to avoid long texts and prefer to use lists, paragraphs with subheadings and suitable pictures.
      Being short and simple, clear and precise is always a good decision.
  • Categories:
    • I usually use only a few categories. But this is mostly due to the fact that my websites don’t offer very many different topics and that they don’t grow on a daily basis.
  • Multilingual websites:
    • I’ve only had one multilingual WP project so far. It was a few years ago and did not go well.
      At that time, Joomla was more advanced. My websites are not that extensive, so I manage it quite well to manually create multilingual websites.

Cordt, thanks for your input!

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