Installing Themes

A theme is a design template that easily gives your WordPress installation an individual appearance. Several providers offer fee-based premium themes, but free and professional themes are also very easy to find. Check out the following selection:

Installing Themes in WordPress

You can either search the WordPress theme catalog and install the theme directly or you can upload a theme in .zip format and install it manually.

  1. Click Appearance on the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click Add New.

Featured Themes:

Themes Overview

You will now see a search screen for finding themes with different features.

  1. This is how to find the perfect theme: Enter the desired search terms and click Search or select the desired features and click Find Themes.
  2. When you have found the desired theme, click Install or Preview.
    The theme has been successfully installed. You now have three options:
  3. Click Live Preview to view the installed theme in your browser.
  4. Click Activate to select the theme for your WordPress installation.
  5. Click Return to Themes page to go back to the overview.

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