Installing Click & Build Applications in Safe Mode

Click and Build SafeClick & Build applications are web content management systems (WCMS),
that you can easily install using our wizards.


  1. Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel.
  2. Click on 1&1 App Center within the Hosting section.
  3. Select Click & Build.
    The overview will open:
    Click_And_Build_Ap_ Control_Center Auswahlr_US
    Here you can search for applications and filter them by categories. Move the mouse over an application to get more information.
  4. Select the application that you want to install and click Install Application.
  5. Click Install in Safe Mode. (more information)
    Info: Some applications currently support Safe Mode only. In this case, the option Install in Free Mode is grayed out.
  6. Read and accept the Terms of Use.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Enter the required information in the respective fields in the Installation Settings and Application Settings sections.
    Click And Build App Control_Center-Auswahl-Basic_Safe-Mode_US
  9. Write down the Administrator’s login and password. You will need it later to log in to your application /WCMS.
  10. Click Install.
    Information: Leave the browser window open. The installation only needs a few minutes.

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