How to Insert Links in WordPress / Links are Content Strategy

Links (hyperlinks) are an important part of your website’s content strategy and user experience. You can use internal and external links to guide your readers to relevant and valuable content.

This makes discovering your content more comfortable and will help keep your readers engaged in your content. However, it is essential to take a balanced approach when referencing content. Focus on what is essential for the reader.

wp-how-to-link-overview-enTip: Too many links will be a distraction and increase the stress level of your reader, so think about how many links you will provide and where to provide them. Sometimes placing additional links in a dedicated section below your article can help your reader focus and enjoy your content.

This is how you insert a link in your post:

  • Write a text.
  • Select/highlight the text of your choice and click Insert link.


  • Enter the URL.


  • Click Add Link.

Where is the Link Title field? The Link Title field was removed from the link modal window in WordPress 4.2. It was replaced with the Link Text field. You reactivate the Link Title field using the Restore Link Title Field plugin.

This is how you insert a link to one of your post or pages:

  • Write a text.
  • Select/highlight the text of your choice and click Insert link.wp-how-to-link-insert-link-en
  • To show and search content on your website, click Or link to existing content.


By default you will see a list of your most recent posts. You can search for post title and post content to access content quickly.

  • Click Add Link.

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