How to install Joomla! in under 45 seconds

Joomla! is one of the most popular CMSs on the market. We love Joomla! and we want you to be able to get started with Joomla! as quickly as possible!

That is why our team of developers spent the last few weeks optimizing our installation wizard for you.

joomla-wizard-vi-steps-enThe result:

  • You can install Joomla! in a maximum of three steps (two steps for Safe Mode installation).
  • You will need no more than 45 seconds for the installation (depending on how fast you type J)!
  • You can instantly link it to your desired domain or use our free, temporary domain.

We removed the following boring tasks from the wizard and automated them for you: Link database and Configure webspace.

Installing Joomla! with 1&1

Open your 1&1 App Center and start the Joomla! installation.

Entering a title

The first step is entering a title for your Joomla! website. This title will also help you find the page again later in the 1&1 App Center.

Confirm by clicking Create Website.

joomla-wiz-en-step1Creating a Joomla! administrator and customizing your installation

The Joomla! administrator is the first user of your Joomla! website. You can use the administrator area to manage your website, create content, add new users and much more. Choose a secure, unique password.


Select your installation type:

  • Standard installation for everyone who wants to manage and update their site on their own
  • Safe Mode for everyone who wants to focus on their content. 1&1 manages your system for you.

You can now choose a user interface language, install sample content if you wish and accept the terms and conditions. (Please read them before accepting. Thanks!)

Click Install.

If you chose Safe Mode installation, you are now finished. There is one more step for standard installations.

Assigning a domain

Choose an available domain from our web hosting package or use our free, temporary domain.


A memorable and distinctive domain is a crucial aspect of any good website and will increase your visitor count. 1&1 has the right domain for you. Check domains now

Click Assign Domain.

The installation now finishes automatically.

Managing your website in the 1&1 App Center

You will find your website in the 1&1 App Center under the title you entered. You can change the domain and adjust other settings in this area.

joomla-wiz-en-app-centerWe hope you have fun with your Joomla! website, and we look forward to your feedback!

  • Do you like the installation wizard?
  • What do you think about the 1&1 App Center?
  • What can we do better?

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