1&1 Backup for WordPress: Fully automatic, zero configuration backups

Together with prompt updates, backups are essential for the security of your WordPress website. There are many plugins and services for backing up your WordPress website. None of them are zero configuration and all have specific requirements.

This is why we created an automatic backup solution, that helps you keep your WordPress installation clean and fast – no additional plugins or services required. Your backups include everything you need to restore your Website: the WordPress database as well as all WordPress files. WordPress-Websites in Free Mode will have automatic backups enabled by default from now on, starting with WordPress on Performance Servers.

All the backup magic happens automatically on our servers, so you can focus on your website and content.

Managing your backups in the 1&1 App Center

Open your 1&1 App Center. In the dedicated section of your WordPress website you will find a new entry: Automatic backup. Automatic backups are activated by default.


To manage your backups or restore an existing backup, click Backups.

In the Backup and restore section you can activate/deactivate automatic backups and display the details of a backup plan. If you activate the backup function for the first time, the first backup will be created the following night.


Backups secure your database and files. They are created every 30 days and stored for one month.

Download and restore backups

In the section Manage and restore backups, click the desired backup. The detailed view shows you all important information about your backup: date, size, WordPress version, PHP version, and more.

Now you can download, restore or delete the backup.

  • If you want to archive certain backups or install them on another system, select Download backup.
  • If you want to restore your backup, select Restore backup.

You can choose to directly Restore your backup or to create an additional backup of the current state before restoring the old backup. We recommend you to Restore with backup, because this option offers additional flexibility and it doesn’t take long.


The restore usually takes only a few seconds. However, it depends on the size of your website.

wordpress-backup-11-restore-siuccess-enAfter restoring a backup

After restoring your website, you will find an additional backup in the backup overview. This backup corresponds to the state before the restore. This way, you can quickly switch between different states of your website.

wordpress-backup-11-restore-backup-entl;dr / Get started directly

This animation shows you how to restore a backup of your WordPress-Website in under a minute. Open your 1&1 App Center.


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28 thoughts on “1&1 Backup for WordPress: Fully automatic, zero configuration backups

  1. Is it better to install WordPress manually or do it using the autoinstaller in 1and1 control panel?

    1. Philipp Bellmann says:

      1&1 WP Backup is currently available exclusively when you install via the 1&1 App Center.

  2. hello
    I have installed my wordpress website via 1&1 App center but I don’t have the backup option, I only have “modify…”, “uninstall…”, “default mode”, and “change domain”.
    Should I do something to get the backup option?

    thank you

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hello Villeret Jerome,

      Currently, we offer this function exclusively for our Performance Managed Servers, not for shared hosting packages.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

      1. waseem says:

        Please, can you lead me how I change to managed server, because I have a huge problem backing up, need to use backup and restore option in my host.
        waiting for your reply

        1. 1and1help says:

          Hi waseem,

          You can switch your package in your 1&1 Control Panel:

          You will find the offers to switch to a Dedicated Managed Server when you scroll down a bit on the page you see after clicking on “Switch package”.

          Best regards,
          Michael, 1&1

  3. Anabel says:

    Hi there, I want to update the WordPress version. How do I know is doing the automatic backup?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Anabel,

      please be aware that this article is about a backup function available exclusively for 1&1 Dedicated Managed Servers (1&1 Performance S/M/XL..). Not on regular shared webhosting packages.

      To backup your standard installation on a webhosting package, you should do this manually or with a WordPress plugin. There are several on the market, maybe you try one with good user ratings: https://wordpress.org/plugins-wp/search/Backup/

      We would recommend you to perform a backup before you do a WordPress update.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  4. That Backup option is not in available anymore. Customer Support told me download the file to my desktop

    1. 1and1help says:


      this backup option is for 1&1 Performance Hosting (also called Dedicated Managed Servers) tariffs only. Not for shared hosting (e.g. “Unlimited”) packages.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  5. Milton Borja says:

    1and1 Help me!

    I need to edit DNS configuration, but I can´t.
    When I try to do it, the message says:

    If you want to change the destination or the DNS settings for your domain, you have to disconnect all applications first. To disconnect an application, click on the application name. Read more

    Your domain is connected with the following application(s): Click & Build.

    If I uninstall WordPress managed, Can I re install again to edit DNS config?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Milton,

      there is no need to uninstall your Managed WordPress completely – you can simply switch it to another domain orsubdomain. After that you will be able to change the domain settings of this former WordPress domain.

      Michael, 1&1

  6. waseem says:

    I’m very disappointed becasue i have bought host from 1and1, before i abuy my host , i have asked many time the agents if i can make backup and download it as he showed the option button for backup, but after i ordered my host, it was just a lie, not function, not backup button and nothing.
    I feel very disaapointed and I’m not going to renew my account anymore, they put agents they don’t know anything about the services.
    sorry to say that, but its the truth

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi waseem,

      I am very sorry for your bad experience. I answered your question regarding a tariff change here: https://community.1and1.com/how-to-backup-wordpress-11/#comment-193457

      Michael, 1&1

  7. Paul says:

    I have two websites under the unlimited pro package which according to your multiple sources is suppose to include wordpress backups. I do not have that available on either one of my domains. I need to back up my files.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Paul,

      this backup option is for Dedicated Managed Servers (“Performance Servers”) only.

      For Managed mode installations you could use backup plugins which you can download and activate via your WP dashboard. We can’t recommend specific plugins offically. From my personal experience, the plugin Updraft Plus worked very well for me.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  8. Cleon says:

    I’m trying to use an external back up due to not being on a dedicated server. Yet when I use the details found in my CP on 1&1 the programme says the details are wrong. These are the settings I need SSH, SFTP, FTP setting. This is the image http://imgur.com/a/28czb

    How can I get all these details needed so the programme can access them and provide a full back up?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Cleon,

      I would recommend to communicate with the 1&1 webspace via SFTP. I don’t see any need to use all three connection, only one of them.

      How to get you SFTP credentials: https://help.1and1.com/hosting-c37630/webspace-and-access-c85098/ftp-c37631/sftp-connection-credentials-a781854.html

      You find your personal SFTP data in the menu “Secure FTP” in your Control Panel.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  9. Qasim says:

    Hi. my contract is nearing renewal but my website is down for the past few months. It was hacked and none of the pages were coming online besides a few blank pages with xrated links. (it was a tech website) Was a little busy before so didnt try to get it back up immeadietly. Now i would like to get it online again but cant. Can you direct me to the correct article which i may use to get my website online again? Is the wordpress installation gone forever as you havent backed it up? The website is techwanderer.com thanks for the help.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Qasim,

      Here you can find useful tips and advices how to react after your website was hacked: https://community.1and1.com/how-to-repair-a-hacked-website/

      The files are still there, but please be aware that we only save backups for the past 7 days. So if the hack was longer ago, there is no backup available from before the time you were hacked.

      In the best case you still have a local clean backup on your computer. Otherwise I would recommend you to begin the website from scratch.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  10. richard says:

    hi, please help me how to backup html website/webpage? i can’t find backup setting in my control panel.

    your immediate response are highly appreciated…


    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi richard,

      without knowing any of your contract details, I assume that you use a classic web hosting package.

      The WordPress backup function described above is for Managed Servers only. For classic web hosting, you can use the Webspace Recovery, which we offer in the most current tariffs: https://help.1and1.com/archive-c85107/recover-files-from-your-webspace-a791785.html

      If you can’t find this option in your Control Panel, you have an older tariff without this option. A tariff update will help here.. To find out which tariff suits your needs, don’t hesitate to ask our support team:


      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  11. sachin says:

    instead of posting same message like below to all people who commented
    this backup option is for 1&1 Performance Hosting (also called Dedicated Managed Servers) tariffs only. Not for shared hosting (e.g. “Unlimited”) packages.

    you can simply give solution that what options we have as shared hosting customers for backing up our website.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi sachin,

      there are several WordPress backup plugins on the market you can use. We can’t recommend one specific officially, but maybe you want to try out Updraft Plus, which I am using personally and made good experiences with -> https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  12. Dale says:

    When I signed up with 1 and 1, I was assured I had automatic backups running. I am unable to see the backup options as shown in the tutorial above. I have recently had an issue with my theme developers and after a theme update, the site is messed up, but I can’t back up?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Dale,

      you should be able to restore data out of your Managed WordPress theme folder.

      The path looks like this:


      You can make file restore of this theme folder via “Web Hosting” > “Webspace recovery” in your 1&1 Control Centre. After this is finished, you can copy your older theme files from the restore folder to your live theme folder to fix your site.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  13. khyle says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to backup a wordpress site, based from instructions above I don’t see backup options as shown in the tutorial. This is what I currently see -> https://www.screencast.com/t/VRSRO9xdDGL

    Please help. Thanks!

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi khyle,

      please see my response to this question in an earlier comment:


      As an all-in-one backup solution for WordPress, you might want to give Updraft Plus a try, which I am using personally and made good experiences with -> https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

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