Getting Started with WordPress: Posts, Pages and Plugins, SEO & Content Marketing

You have successfully installed WordPress. Now you might want to start working on content, growing your audience and optimizing security – but creating a successful website is not only knowing how to work with the WordPress admin and important plugins.

Great content will help you engage your readers and keep them coming back. So, in addition to tutorials focusing on how to we also provided some ideas on what to do on your website.

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Beginner Tutorials

Tutorials that make you the true master of the WordPress backend.


How to Create and Edit a Post

This tutorial covers the visual editor and introduces the toolbar and publishing basics.

How to assign Categories and Tags


This post introduces the extended features of the editor. Categories and tags help you organize your content and help your readers find content easily.


Links (hyperlinks) are an important part of your website’s content strategy and user experience. You can use internal and external links to guide your readers to relevant and valuable content.

How to Create, Manage and Quick Edit WordPress Pages

Pages are comparable to posts, but offer the possibility to assign a fixed structure. You can specify main pages and subpages – as you might be used to from regular websites

The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is made up of Widgets containing important information for you.

How to Manage the Users of Your WordPress Account


Learn how to create, delete, edit and search users, as well as change their role on your website.

How to Change the Domain of Your WordPress Website


Follow the steps below in order to change the URL to ensure that your WordPress site works with the desired domain.


A theme is a design template that easily gives your WordPress installation an individual appearance. Several providers offer fee-based premium themes, but free and professional themes are also very easy to find.

You can upload a theme in .zip format and install it manually.

A theme is a design template that easily gives your WordPress installation an individual appearance. You can either search the WordPress theme catalog and install the theme directly or you can upload a theme in .zip format and install it manually.

One Theme for All Devices – Using Responsive Design with WordPress

Considering the rapid growth in tablet and smartphone users, an optimized viewing experience of websites across a wide range of devices is becoming increasingly important. When using a web content management system such as WordPress, it is particularly easy to switch a website to responsive design.


With plugins you can flexibly expand your WordPress installation. Plugins are available for many categories. For an overview of all plugins, please visit

wp-plugins-popularInstalling and Managing Plugins

With plugins you can flexibly expand your WordPress installation. Plugins are available for many categories.

1&1 Site Manager

The Site Manager keeps your WordPress installation and all the themes, plugins and translations up to date. Security updates (minor updates) are installed by default for WordPress and translations. It includes a changelog that provides an overview and details on all installed updates.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a very popular, constantly developed content management system. Therefore, it already has many opportunities for search engine optimization. However, some remaining gaps can be filled with the help of plugins. In the following, I will present five of these plugins, at which you should take a closer look.


Great content will make your website successful. This is everything you need to get started with interesting content.

content-marketing-info-vi-eneCommerce Basics: Publish Your Own Website and Optimize for Search Engines

Customers are not only searching for contact details or hours of operation online, but also for information on products, news or directions to your business. Don’t miss the chance to provide this kind of information on your own website.

Content Marketing: The Best Tools and Strategies for Managing Your Editorial Tasks

Content Marketing depends on good and well-matched content. In order to be effective, content has to be published at just the right time and needs to complement other content in the best possible way. The following tools and techniques help you to keep track of the topic and deadline planning.

Content Marketing: The Key to a Successful WordPress Website Is Engaging and Valuable Content

As you go about setting up your website, you may realize there is a very important component you might not be prepared with – page content! You know you want to fill it with compelling copy that engages your users and convinces them to buy your products and services, but how do you do this?

Essentials: Writing Engaging Copy For Your WordPress Website

Mark Twain said: Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. This is especially true for web copy. When readers only spent a few seconds categorizing and discarding your text, every word counts.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated SEO) describes all techniques that will help your website or a document reach as good a place as possible in the results of a search engine.

SEO Overview

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics

SEO helps improve the quality of the web pages thus creating added value especially for the visitors of the pages. This post presents you the basis and sections of Search Engine Optimization. This basic understanding is important if you want to implement the techniques presented in the later articles.

The Basics for a Secure WordPress Blog with Good SEO Ranking

Updates, backups, SEO plugins and content: There are some rules to keep in mind to avoid frustration and to make all the work and effort needed to build and run a website worthwhile.


Two factor authentication, or two step verification increases the security of my account by including a second factor, e.g. a smartphone app or a hardware solution when logging in.


Setting Up Two Factor Authentication with WordPress and Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator allows you to combine the classic WordPress login with username and password with an additional security code. This increases the security of your WordPress website.

Next Steps

If you still have time to spare, you might want to have a look at this content about the latest plugins, themes, ideas and best practices.

Risk-Free Testing – How to Create a Local WordPress Installation

We recommend making a copy of your WordPress installation and to install this copy on your computer. You can use this local WordPress installation for testing plugins before installing them on your “real” website, for example. If there are problems, it’s always better to identify them on a test system beforehand. A test system also gives plenty of time for error analyses.

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