1&1 Extended Support for PHP at a glance

The PHP scripting language is the motor that drives many of the most dynamic websites and best web applications. WordPress, Joomla! and e-commerce platforms such as Magento or PrestaShop use PHP.

We are convinced that there is the perfect PHP version for every circumstance. As a 1&1 customer, you can assign the right PHP version to each of your domains. If you are using scripts or applications that are not compatible with the current PHP version, you can simply return to an earlier version in order to restore compatibility.


What happens if the PHP community has stopped providing security updates for this older PHP version but you still wish to or have to use this version?


In this scenario 1&1 Extended Support for PHP provides an alternative that allows you to continue operating your website and web applications securely with the older PHP version.

This is 1&1 Extended Support for PHP at a glance:


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