Essentials: Writing Engaging Copy For Your WordPress Website

Mark Twain said: Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

This is especially true for web copy. When readers only spent a few seconds categorizing and discarding your text, every word counts.


Combining Good Style and User-Friendly Text Design

There are various recommendations that, when observed, make your website attractive and user-friendly.

Text and Fonts

We recommend using sans-serif fonts like Arial or Verdana for continuous text. On the screen, longer text is easier to read with such fonts. If possible, only use one font on your website (various font styles are OK when used moderately). Alternatively, you can use one font for your headers and one for continuous text.

Line length recommendations
Tip: Do not use marquee text or animated GIF files with flash effects and repetitions. Such moving effects can easily distract the visitor from the actual content of your website.

Line Length and Characters per Line

Use approximately 40 – 60 characters per line to make your texts easy to read. Shorter lines mean that a reader’s eye has to jump between lines too often which interrupts the flow of reading. Lines that are too long make it difficult to jump from one line to the next.


When selecting the colors, adequate contrast between the font color and the background color is important for ensuring good legibility of the text. For example, do not use blue text on black background or white text on yellow background.
Tip: Stick to one color concept and avoid using too many different colors. On the Internet, you can find various websites that provide a range of matching colors for one basic color, e.g.

To ensure a clear structure for your readers, do not create more than seven navigation items on one navigation level.
Tip: Do not create too many sublevels in the navigation. It should be possible to reach all contents with four to six clicks from the home page, as otherwise there is a danger that hardly anybody will read these contents.

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  1. Rasheedah Hasan says:

    Thank you for the essential highlights and references to kickstart my WordPress site. I tried several years ago to start a blog. I am thankful there is much more information available to make this go ’round more successful.

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