eCommerce Basics: Register with Google Places and Online Directories

Looking for the nearest bakery, restaurant or hairdresser, many people now take advantage of the Google search, e.g. by using their smartphone when on the move. In the search results, the locations of the relevant companies in the neighborhood then appear at the very top on a small map.

To get your company to appear on this map in regional search requests, you have to register with Google Places. Registration is free and easy:

  1. If you don‘t have a Google account yet, create one for free.
  2. Log in to Google Places with your Google account login data.
  3. Set up your Google Places entry.

For security reasons, you have to confirm your Google Places entry after setting it up. This can be done by phone, for example.

Register your Company with Online Directories

list-local-vi-stage-512In addition to Google Places, register your company‘s contact details on other important online directories, e.g.

Why is registering with online directories important?

Customers use online directories to find companies, services or products in their area by using the Internet. And since online directories receive approximately 10 million visits per month, you can reach many potential customers with just one entry.


Add as much data as possible to your company profile to make it easier to find you.For example, enter:

  • Your hours of operation, because this is typically the most requested business information!
  • Images of your company, your products or your team. A good image is worth a thousand words.
  • Your website address. This will make your website known to your new customers. In addition, it will be more easily found by search engines such as Google.

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