Drupal 7.32 Update Improves Security

The latest version of Drupal (7.32) includes a fix for the security vulnerability (CVE-2014-3704) of the 7.31 version.

1&1 customers can install this update from the 1&1 App Center starting October 16th.

Free Mode and own installations: Please update as soon as possible!

You can update your installation in two ways:

  • Upgrade from version 7.31 to 7.32 (recommended) or
  • If you cannot update the whole installation, apply this patch to the Drupal’s database.inc file:
    1. Open the file database.inc with your favorite tool on your web space. The path to this file is: “DRUPAL INSTALL DIR”/includes/database
    2. Go to the line (~ 739) and replace:
      foreach ($data as $i => $value) {
      foreach (array_values($data) as $i => $value) {
    3. Save the file.
    4. Synchronize this file back to your webspace (via SFTP or SCP).

The security vulnerability is now fixed.

See also the official link for this issue.

Safe Mode: 1&1 performs the update automatically.

If you have Drupal installed in the 1&1 App Center “Safe Mode”, this update will be soon performed automatically by 1&1.

About Drupal: Drupal is a flexible open source content management system which allows you to create many different projects. Its extensive features for assigning functions and rights make Drupal also suitable for collaborative article editing. The functionality can be continuously extended through a wide range of modules.

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