How to create and edit WordPress pages

Pages are comparable to posts, but offer the possibility to assign a fixed structure.

You can specify main pages and subpages – as you might be used to from regular websites. These pages are not displayed in the chronological order of your posts, which means that they are not part of the actual blog.

  • On the Dashboard of your WordPress installation, select PagesAdd New.
  • Enter a title.
  • Add content to the page. Just like you would if it were a post.

Adjust the structure of the page in the Page Attributes box

  • Select a Parent for your page.
  • Select a Template for your page.
    Certain themes offer templates for pages. Templates are page models with different styles and functions, e.g. author pages or pages with full width.

The same page using two different templates

  • Determine the Order of the pages. If you have multiple subpages under the same Parent, you can specify their order here.

Managing existing pages using Quick Edit

You can adjust basic settings like Title, Slug or Date using Quick Edit in the Pages overview. You can also adjust setting that are specific to pages. You can, for example, set Parent pages, page Order and page Template inside the Quick Edit window.

wp-how-to-pages-managetl;dr / Video


Here you will learn how to create posts and set meta data


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